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Company Overview

We sell and repair barcode scanners, handheld wireless devices, printers & other POS equipment.

iTEK Scan Again was created in 2000 to offer barcode scanner and wireless handheld equipment sales and accessories to North American customers. We sell a broad selection of devices from all OEM’s. We use a consultative approach to meet each customer’s budgetary requirement. iTEK Scan Again has served clients in the retail sector as well as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, warehouse and rugged industrial environments.

Our services include:

  • Sale of equipment and accessories
  • Repair services for timely and quick turn around to extend the life of legacy assets
  • Parts sourced from our international contacts
  • Software solutions for warehouse management

iTEK Scan Again delivers the following benefits for clients:

  • Fast, reliable service
  • 3 locations in North America to serve clients
  • Technicians are technical school trained
  • Use state of the art test equipment
  • Use best practices with technical intelligence in problem solving
  • Is environmentally committed, offering recycling options on used equipment and batteries

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